Dalai Lama Asks for Cities of Kindness

Today, while the Dalai Lama was meeting with the conference of Mayors about creating kind, compassionate cities, a violent clash between protestors and counter-protestors took place in Sacramento on our Capitol steps.

As Sacramento raises its national profile with a new downtown arena, a new civic-tech innovation center as well as holding its own as a good place to live, we face a problem every growing city faces. How we address this problem will determine our city's future.

Between now and when Compassionate Capitol Region offers its next round of public workshops on mindful activism and compassionate conversation, think about your passion and your intelligence. Use your strength with discipline. Be kind. Listen. Learn.

We're complex creatures with a singular, resonate song that we sing no matter our views -- we all wish to belong, to be found worthy and to be loved.

From that place, we can find peace within us and between us.