June 26 Protestor Violence on Capitol Steps -- What's Our Next Step?


The stabbings and violence during today's protest on the capitol steps between the Traditionalist Working Party and the counter protestors is below the dignity of who we can be as people.

Conflict comes from lack of understanding and a disconnection from the worthiness of another's view.

We must, within our communities, offer an intermediary step between ignorance and violence.

That step is developing a process for ongoing conversation between viewpoints. Conversations that help us identify the common ground as well as how to honor the autonomy of each point of view.

If we don't agree that understanding is better than death, then death it is. And, is that the best we can do?

Are we that afraid to expand our understanding past our own narrowly held convictions?

Are we that afraid to discover that when given new information, we would change our point of view? Is that a sign of weakness?

No, it is a sign of strength. It is a sign of evolution.

Conflict exists as a symptom of two or more points of view running into each other in the dark.

Acknowledging the equal worthiness of the life experience that brought a person or group to a particular perspective, then turning on the light to see the larger landscape of our human community is how we evolve.

We either evolve or we die.

Let's chose to evolve.

In the coming weeks, Compassionate Capitol Region will be offering a series of public workshops to help us learn how to have a conversation with someone with a different point of view -- not to convince the other, but to understand how to create a community that is safe and open.

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Thank you,

Laura Hansen
CoFounder, Compassionate Capitol Region