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What is a Compassion Ambassador?

Compassion Ambassadors observe, facilitate, help neighborhoods identify opportunities, then develop strategies and plans for taking advantage of those opportunities – such as activating or developing empty lots, how businesses or neighbors can work collectively toward goal, or bringing in expertise to educate or train community members in advocacy. An ambassador can serve their own community or serve a different part of our region.

how neighborhoods benefit

Anytime you have a champion who can listen, learn, then support a neighborhood to achieve their goals by facilitating difficult conversations, assist building relationships with city/county officials and support strategic and tactical plans for projects, it's a win.

Ambassadors and neighborhood associations define together the role the Ambassador will play that best serves the needs of the group.

Who can be one?

Compassion Ambassadors are volunteers who will be trained in this specific role and should have at least five years in strategic planning, facilitation, politics, community development or social entrepreneurship. The ideal candidate should have a social mission heart and determination to help people align and move forward around common goals for social good. If you don't have specific training in the disciplines mentioned above, yet you are self-taught or mentored and have years of experience in consensus building and facilitation, please consider yourself qualified to apply.

where do i start?

If you are interested in being a Compassion Ambassador, please send us a message from our Contact Us page. We will connect with you to begin the conversation.