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What is a Compassion Ambassador?

A Compassion Ambassador serves a district, a neighborhood, a school or an organization or group. They help build bridges of understanding, inspire collective action for the greater good and advocates for equity in all environments. An ambassador can serve their own community or serve a different part of the capital region.

They work with community leaders, elected officials, residents and other stakeholders to help weave a new social fabric.

district compassion ambassadors

The Ambassadors who work with Sacramento’s eight districts bring years of experience, wisdom and expertise. They work with the Council members and the district neighborhoods to raise the awareness of successful and help support struggling projects. They look for new ways to strengthen communication and collaboration between the council office and the district neighborhoods.

Each Ambassador builds a district team with residents who love their community and want to share their voice, time and talent.

Who can be one?

Compassion Ambassadors are local volunteers trained in this specific role. The ideal candidate should have a social mission heart and determination to help people align and move forward around common goals for social good.

For Your School — Youth and Adult programs
For Your Organization — Adult
For Your Neighborhood — Youth and Adult
For Your District — Adult and Youth Apprenticeship

where do i start?

If you are interested in being a Compassion Ambassador, please send us a message from our Contact Us page. We will connect with you to begin the conversation.